FAQs about output resolution

The most common questions regarding video resolution.

What are the supported resolutions?

The supported resolutions depend on the STB generation and model as per the following table:

Resolutions Janus/Amulet 300 Magi400 Kamai/Amulet 400 Kamai450/Amulet455m Kamai/Amulet 500
480i * * * * *
480p * * * * *
576i * * * * *
576p * * * * *
720p50 * * * * *
720p60 * * * * *
1080i50 * * * * *
1080i60 * * * * *
1080p24 * * * * *
1080p30 * * * * *
1080p50       * *
1080p60       * *


Resolutions A160/Aria600 KamaiAmulet 600
480i * *
480p * *
576i * *
576p * *
720p50 * *
720p60 * *
1080i50 * *
1080i60 * *
1080p24 * *
1080p30 * *
1080p50 * *
1080p60 * *
4Kp24   *
4Kp25   *
4Kp50   *
4Kp60   *


What is the default resolution?

For PAL STB it is 1080i50. For NTSC STB it is 720p60. There is no specific reason for this difference other than historic customer requests.

Can the default resolution be changed?

At the moment it is not possible.

How do I change the output resolution?

The end user may change the resolution in the boot menu.

If the middleware client runs on top of an Enable HTML5 release, then you also have a Javascript call to change the resolution which is ENTONE.stb.setResolution().

Why is 1080p not available on my Kamai/Amulet 500?

Although 1080p is supported on 500 series models, it is disabled by default. There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. Video will be jitter if the output resolution is set to 1080p24 or 1080p30.
  2. Not all TV sets support 1080p24, 1080p30, 1080p50. If the end-user sets it incorrectly, he/she might loose the video screen. It is the same case of changing the resolution on your computer. If you change to a unsupported video format, you will lost the screen.
  3. 1080p50 or 1080p60 will consume more memory bandwidth as it outputs more video data to the TV. It may affect the STB performance slightly.

How to enable 1080p?

For Kamai 500 and Amulet 500 you may enable 1080p by using any of the following INI options:

  • HDB72_BM_1080P24=1
  • HDB72_BM_1080P30=1
  • HDB72_BM_1080P50=1

You may set more than one. For each option set there will be a corresponding entry in the bootmenu entry resolution.

Can I using the JavaScript API, lookup the current resolution setting?

Yes. Our JavaScript API provides such information to the upper layer through the call ENTONE.system.getSystemSettings("resolution"). For more information please refer to the API reference document.

How is the initial synchronisation procedure and how does the STB decide what's supported by the TV?

When the STB power up or the HDMI cable is connected to the STB, the STB will synchronize with the TV on the HDMI TV interface. During the synchronisation, the STB will get the EDID information from the TV.

(reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_display_identification_data)

From the EDID information, we get the list of resolution that TV support.



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